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There has never been a better time to join the Vocational Evaluators and Career Assessment Professionals (VECAP) organization.

VECAP is implementing a new strategic plan which includes an aggressive membership drive and additional services to members. We are working to enhance communication between organization members and will provide a forum through which you can ask questions or otherwise exchange professional views with colleagues. Member Access only provides active “members” with access to Training Modules, Work Samples and other resources to assist them in their jobs (check with the home office for access to these resources!) We have ensured participation of VECAP Board members at major conferences or leadership forums related to our goals to promote our value and to increase our exposure, resources, and membership in our valued field. VECAP believes that persons doing career assessment work in a variety of venues, including education, vocational training, rehabilitation, business and industry, and government have a set of common interests, values and that by joining these diverse viewpoints will derive strength in achieving common goals.


  • FREE Case Study Clubs

  • FREE VECAP Educational Webinars (VEWS)

  • FREE Membership to VECAP Community of Practice forum

  • FREE access to VECAP Journal

  • FREE VECAP Newsletters

  • Access to Members Only resources, such as dozens of work samples

  • Reciprocal membership and discounts to CAVEWAS

  • Discounted VECAP conference registration

  • Discounts on Group Memberships (see below)


Professional Membership in VECAP

Professional members shall be those individuals actively engaged in the practice of some aspect of vocational evaluation or work adjustment training. This shall also include those individuals who are immediate supervisors, teachers, or researchers in the fields of vocational evaluation or work adjustment.

Student Membership in VECAP

Student members shall be those individuals enrolled full‐time (9 hours per semester or equivalent for undergraduate study, 6 hours or equivalent per semester for graduate study) in recognized educational programs preparing them for practice in the fields of vocational evaluation or work adjustment.

Retired Member

Retired members shall be those who have been former Professional or Associate members who are no longer performing full-time work in the field or those who worked previously in the field or a related one who is now retired from full-time employment or practice.

Membership Application

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VECAP would like to announce that Professional memberships will now renew automatically each year with the payment method on file. Members will continue to receive benefits without interruption.

Advance notice will be provided prior to billing. Members may elect to opt out of autorenewal via VECAP's website. 

VECAP values your membership and looks forward to continuing to provide you with another year of benefits!

Choose your pricing plan

  • Professional Member

    Every year
  • Retired Member

    Every year
  • 1 Year Student

    Valid for one year
  • Professional Renewal

    Every year
    Existing Members Renewal

    CAVEWAS reciprocal membership only
    Valid for one year


Group Memberships

  • Groups of 3 – 9 receive a 20% discount on membership.

  • Groups of 10 + receive a 30% discount on membership.

Please contact the VECAP Home Office to request a group discount.

For membership or other information, contact the VECAP Home Office: • 804-277-9648 • PO Box 1398, Manassas, VA 20108

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