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International Certified Vocational Evaluator Credential

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Notice about Certification:  Response to CRCC Announcement about CVE

You may have received an announcement from the CRCC regarding “revitalization of the CVE.” This has confused many vocational evaluators and VECAP members.  We hope this notice will help clarify the status of certification.

As you may know, VECAP has been working to renew credentialing for vocational evaluators for a number of years.  We investigated different options and contacted the CRCC when it was under previous management. At that time, CRCC responded that they were not interested.  Later under the current management, we were told they might be interested in either revitalizing the CVE or creating another option, but they would need to base their decision on a national survey to find vocational evaluators and a guarantee of approximately 1000 applicants.  We understood this, but realized we could not make such a guarantee.

Instead, VECAP decided to pursue the International Certified Vocational Evaluator credential (ICVE) with the Canadian College of Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP) who at the time offered the CCVE (Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator) certification. Now the ICVE process is up and running and people are applying for and receiving the credential.  The ICVE examination is ready for those applicants to take who were not able to be grandfathered.

We just learned about the CRCC announcement. It may be viewed as an opportunity for some professionals, but it could unintentionally undermine the original CVE credential. This is due to the fact that as we understand it, an examination will not be required to earn the “revitalized CVE.”  At this time, it is unclear what the specific requirements for awarding the CVE will be or what “having competence in the essential performance areas as demonstrated by education, training, and professional experience” means.  We shall try to follow this process as details unfold and share what we know with you.

VECAP has not been included in this process, though once we heard that CRCC was planning something from our professional partners, we volunteered to be involved in some way.  Please watch for news on the VECAP website.

Credentials are vital to professionals. We want what is best for the vocational evaluation profession, you the providers, and the people we serve.  What we do not want is any type of schism in our profession. We shall try to keep you informed as we are informed.

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