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VECAP provides webinars on topics related to Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment provided by highly trained practitioners and leaders in the field.

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Upcoming VECAP VEW’s


Date: December 8, 2022

Time: 3-4:30 pm EST

Title: Job Analysis & Transferable Skills Analysis: Essential Tools for Vocational Consultants

Presenter: Roderick Stoneburner, M.S., ICVE, ABVE, IPEC, CRC/Retired


Presenter Bio

Mr. Stoneburner received his master’s degree in Rehabilitation/Vocational Evaluation from the University of Arizona (1973) and completed additional graduate work in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology at the University of Southern California and Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University (Ed.D. abd). He has been a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 1979, retiring in 2016. He provided preparatory training for the CRC examination as well as served as a proctor for the examinations. Mr. Stoneburner has been affiliated with graduate programs in vocational rehabilitation at California State University locations in Los Angeles and San Bernardino from 1984 to 2009. His professional history includes practicing in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation in Southern California and, more specifically, in California’s Workers’ Compensation system since 1975. He has been retained as an expert witness (both applicant and defense) for Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Employment Law, Family Law and the Social Security Administration, having testified in numerous court cases relating to disability, employment issues, vocational assessment, residual earning capacity and determination of employability.

Description of Presentation:
Vocational consultants practicing in the private sector for business and industry utilize job analyses and transferable skills analyses as a foundation for their work. The Vocational Consultant provides services to companies for disability management operations such as return-to-work, ADA consulting, worker’s compensation, and employment law. The insurance industry uses Vocational Consultants for workers’ compensation, long-term disability, and related employment issues. Social Security Administration uses Vocational Consultants as vocational experts for issues of employability. Vocational Consultants are used for legal issues involving
personal injury, family law, and employment law. With additional training, Vocational Consultants can consult as Ergonomic Experts. In every instance, the skills for Job Analysis and Transferable Skills Analysis are considered the foundational requirement for the Vocational Consultant.

Learning objectives:
1. Understand use and application of Job Analysis/Transferable Skills Analysis
2. Have knowledge of Job Analysis and relevant resources and understand how to
conduct a Job Analysis
3. Have basic knowledge of Transferable Skills Analysis and understand process
needed to complete same


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